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About Divine Salagramas (Saligramas, Shaligrams) – FAQs


Sacred Salagrama Pendant Charm for gaining Divine Protection and for Dissipating Negative Karma

Sacred Salagrama Pendant Charm for gaining Divine Protection and for Dissipating Negative Karma

What are Sacred Salagramas ?

The Salagramas (also known as Saligramas or Shaligrams) mean differently to different people. For researchers and scientists, the Shaligrams are historically significant Nautlus (Mollusc) Ammonite Fossils – evolutionary relics embedded with the imprint of pre-historic marine creatures. For avid collectors, the Shaligrams are geological marvels carved with mathematically precise spirals and remarkably clear geometric forms like Chakra (Wheel or Discus), Shanka (Conch Shell), Gadha (Mace or Club), Padma (Lotus), etc. that date back to 400 million years. For the spiritually inclined, the Salagramas are revered Divine Energy Tools imbibed with energy nucleii that are verily sacred and deeply linked to the Great Protector of the Cosmos : Lord Maha Vishnu.

Like the worship of Lord Shiva in the form of a Linga, the worship of Lord Vishnu in the shape of a Salagrama (Shaligram) is iconic in character. While the Lingas may be natural objects like the Crypto Crystalline Quartz Bana Lingas found in the Sacred Narmada River (”Swayambhu”) or carved in Stones and various types of Crystals by humans (”Manusya”), the Salagramas are always only those which are naturally found in the Sacred River Kali-Gandaki near Mukthi Kshetra (also known as Mukthinath and Damodhar Kunda) in the North West of Nepal. The Gandaki River is also refered to as Narayani, Salagrami, Hiranvathi and Hiranyavathi – many Great Epics like The Mahabaratha celebrate the antiquity and sanctity of this Holy Himalayan Stream and credit it as the Divine Abode of the Fire God, Lord Agni and containing within itself the waters of all the Holy Rivers.  

The Shaligrams are regarded as Divine Manifestations – the Vibhutis of Lord Vishnu. The ammonite origins of these stones do not make them less sacred. In fact, it’s hoary antiquity is a factor in it’s favour of it’s superior sanctity. The Shaligram or Saligrama or Salagrama is self-pierced (Swayam-trnna) and self-manifest (Swayambhu) in character. Thus it is not a mere stone : it is a Sacred Stone and that makes all the difference. 

Legend about Origin of Salagrama :

There are many varying but interesting legends concerning the origin of the Sacred Stone Saligrama and the Sacred Gandaki River from many Puranic Texts. A popular one is narrated below :

Once upon a time a great battle raged between Lord Shiva and Asura (Demon) King Jallandara – both were quite powerful and were poised evenly – so the battle went on for a long time. Then an Asareeri (Voice from Heavens) declared that the Asura’s wife Brindha is a Sati and unless her purity and chastity becomes stained, the Demon King cannot be killed. But the Gods could not bring themselves to spoiling the chastity of a lady, even for a good cause. However the Asura had no such qualms : using his occult powers, he took on the guise of Lord Shiva and approached Goddess Parvathi (wife of Lord Shiva), determined to destroy her chastity, so that he could defeat Lord Shiva. But Goddess Parvathi, who is herself the Authority of Sakthi (Power) and Ruler of Maya (Illusions), easily identified the Asura and destroyed his illusion. In that instant, the Gods convinced an angry Lord Maha Vishnu (brother of Goddess Parvathi) that now it would not be a sin to spoil the purity of Brindha.

Lord Maha Vishnu took on the form of the Asura King and appeared near Brindha. Brindha was unable to detect this illusion and thought her husband had come to her. That very thought itself broke her chastity and instantaneously Lord Shiva burned the evil Asura to ashes.

When Brindha came to know of this, she became furious and cursed Lord Vishnu to become a stone. After cursing, she realised her blunder and prayed to Lord Vishnu to forgive her. Lord Vishnu blessed her and transformed her into a Sacred Himalayan Stream of pure water : the Gandaki River. On his instructions, Viswakarma (Divine Architect of the Gods) took the form of a diamond toothed Adamantine Water Worm Vajra-Keeta (Golden coloured, mighty and brilliant with a flash of lighting and making sweet noises – the Puranas identify it as one of the 84 lakh species of ammonites) in the bowels of the rocks and furrowed into each and every stone in that place, carving different spirals, chakra chambers and other markings inside and outside the stones. Then Lord Maha Vishnu manifested himself into all these stones, honouring Brindha and also for the benefit of his devotees.

Different types of Shaligrams :

The Shaligrama Shilas are principally the iconic images of the Great Preserver, Lord Maha Vishnu. These stones bearing various signs and insignia of the various weapons, flowers and rosaries, in a range of sizes, shapes and colour shades form the basis for the classification of various types of Salagramas representing the various emanatory forms and incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu.

Broadly, there are four groups of Saligramas :

The first group is the popular Dasavatara or the Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu : (1) Matsaya (2) Kurma (3) Varaha (4) Narasimha (5) Vamana (6) Jamadagni Parasurama (7) Dasaradha Rama (8) Sri Krishna (9) Balarama and (10) Kalki.

The second group comprises of the widely accepted Chathurvimsathi Murthis – the 24 variant forms of Lord Maha Vishnu : (1)  Kesava (2) Narayana (3) Madhava (4) Govinda (5) Vishnu (6) Madhusudhana (7) Trivikrama (8) Vamana (9) Sridhara (10) Hrishikesha (11) Padhmanabha (12) Dhamodhara (13) Sankarshana (14) Vasudeva (15) Pradhyumna (16) Aniruddha (17) Purushothama (18) Adhoksaja (19) Narasimha (20) Achyutha (21) Janardhana (22) Upendra (23) Hari and (24) Krishna.

The third group constitutes other forms of Lord Vishnu not included in the above two groups, like : Hayagriva, Kapila, Dattathreya, Simsumara, Mukundha, Hamsa, Paramahamsa, Vaikundha, Pundarikaksha, Lakshmipathi, Devadeva, Vatapatra-sayai, Arbhaka, Kshirabdhi-sayi, Visvambara, Viswaroopa, Garudadhvaja, Peethambhara, Sathyavirasrava, Amrathaharana, Chakrapani, Maya Narayana, Bahurupa Murthi, Pundarikha, Parijatha, Sudharsana, Jagadyoni, Anantha, Sesha, Lakshmikandha, Harimurthi Trimurthi, Harihara Murthi, Sankara Narayana, etc.  

Finally the fourth group includes Salagrama Stones representing some forms of Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakthi, God Surya (the Sun God), Lord Ganesha and Gautama Buddha.

There are many Salagramas specific to each of the above forms and more.

What are the colours of Shaligrams ?

The Sacred Shaligrams come in numerous colours : black, blue, bluish black, grey, white, yellow, gold, green, copper, red, dark red, honey coloured and multi-coloured.

Are Shaligrams worthy of Worship ?

Vibhuti of Godhead signifies pervasion, penetration and comprehension of the Supreme Energy. Shaligrams as Vibhutis become worthy of worship. At energy-level, as objects of worship, the Shaligrams are far more preferred than the man-made iconic representations (like statues), as the later invariably suffer from corrupt energies created by the sculptor’s unclean body and mind, violent thoughts and unbecoming emotions, placement in dirty places, etc. An icon or statue to become fit for worship must first be Cleansed (at energy level) of all these impure energies. Secondly, it should be properly Consecrated or Energised (Sthapana, Prana Prathista – infusion of vital life force energies). Thirdly, the icon or statue should be Programmed – making the manifesting energy to incline favourably towards the worshipper (Sammukhi Karana). Only then it is rendered potent enough to reward the worshipper. If these 3 steps are not performed strictly and systematically, then the power of Godhead will refuse to be drawn into the icon or statue and the worship is of no use.

However, the Shaligrams do not require these preliminary rites of Purification (Cleansing) and Consecration (Prana Prathishta), as the Shaligrams naturally contain the Vibhuti of Godhead present in them. However, if the ideal concept of Programming can be accomplished by a competant professional, then the Shaligrams will bestow better and faster results.

Important : The “Puja Prakasa” quotes : A Shaligram stone damaged in any way : chipped, broken, split or cracked will not become unfit for worship; it is always sacred and worthy, nothing can be a deterrent for it’s worship. It does not lose it’s auspicious nature even when it is damaged and continues to be worthy of worship. This is also confirmed by “Vishnu Tilaka Samhita”.

The “Brahma Vaivarta Purana” (Prakrti Khanda) voices that as long as Lord Maha Vishnu abides in the Shaligrams, all the benevolent spirits dwell there, all the Gods and indeed all the fourteen worlds reside in them. It is believed that the Shaligrams will lose their sanctity and become devoid of the Presence of Lord Vishnu at the end of 10,000 years of the Kali Yuga (the present year 2009 corresponds to 5100 years of the Kali Era time period).                   

Do Shaligrams require Strict Worship and Elaborate Rituals ?

No Puranic Text has prescribed any exclusive worship ritual for the Shaligrams. The belief that the worship of Shaligrams must be very elaborate, correct to the minute detail and should be performed in strict purity is false. In fact the Puranic Texts unanimously state that it is sufficient to merely look at the Shaligram to gain benefits. Rigorous worship is always meritorious, but it is neither indispensable nor obligatory. In fact, Anupa Simha’s “Salagrama Pariksa” says that worship is optional. The “Sandilya Samhita” declares that there be no possible error when Shaligram worship is undertaken – any lapse or defect is immediately and automatically condoned and the purpose of the worship would be fulfilled.

The “Salagrama Sila Lakshana Paddhati” says : for worshipping the Sacred Saligramas, there is no need for a Guru (the Preceptor or the Master who initiates), a Mantra (the Hymnal Formula to chant, given formally by the Guru), Japa (Ceremonial repetition of the Mantra), Bhavana (Visualisation of a Deity), Stuti (Eulogy) or an Upachara (Service).

What are the benefits of having Shaligrams ?

Puranic Texts say that it is rarely that a person procures a Shaligram; the possession of the Sacred Stone speaks of the merits of the person – he should consider himself as extremely fortunate. The Shaligram is supposed to benedict the aspirants with various boons : relief from diseases, freedom from poverty, prosperity, children, a win over enemies and ultimately emancipation. Many Puranic Texts and Manuals extol the virtues of the Sacred Shaligrams :

(1) Brahma Vaivarta Purana (Prakrti Khanda) : Any Religious Observances, Auspicious Gifts, Nitya Poojas, Obsequies or the Last Rites (Sraddha) Ceremonies done in the presence of Shaligram is very meritorious.

(2) Padma Purana (Uttara Khanda) : If the Obsequies or the Last Rites (Sraddha) Ceremonies are conducted in front of a Shaligram, then the departed soul will directly reach Vaikunda (Vishnu’s Abode) and subsequent death ceremonies become unnecessary; gifts given in the vicinity of Shaligram will be infinitely meritorious; whatever comes into contact with Shaligram will be instantly purified; whoever worships the Shaligram will surely be liberated and will obtain all prosperity here, while alive.

(3) Purana Samgraha : If a dying person sips water in which the Shaligram is bathed (Abisheka), he/she will be freed from all sins; if the death itself occurs in the presence of Shaligram, the path to Vishnu’s Heavenly Abode is cleared for the departing soul.

(4) Haemadri : The Rites of Expiation of Sins (Prayachitha, Parikara) become most effective and in times of Lunar or Solar Eclipse, whatever ritual is undertaken becomes all the more effective when done in front of a Shaligram.
(5) Skanda Purana (Kartika Masamahatmya) : Lord Shiva tells his son Lord Skanda that all the 3 worlds in their entirety and he himself abide in a Shaligram and a mere glance at it is meritorious, and much more so worshipping it.

(6) Vishnu Purana : The Shaligrams represent the everlasting presence and power of Lord Vishnu; the Vibhuti present in these Sacred Stones are of an Akhanda variety. In fact, “Prameya Ratnakara” enumerates as many as 5,535 forms of Lord Vishnu in Shaligrams, while the iconic forms are only 513.

Important :

(1)  The Puranic Texts specifically declare that ONLY the Fossil-Stones which have taken shape in the Gandaki River are Sacred Salagramas. The Ammonite Fossils picked up from any other river bed are just what they are : Fossils – nothing less and nothing more – they are available abundantly in the market at cheap prices in the guise of “Salagramas”. 

(2)  The great demand and the high prices that the Salagramas fetch have spawned many spurious, fake and artificially but skillfully carved black stones which are sold in the market as “Salagramas”. They will bring nothing but negative energy.

(3)  Devotees are advised that they should approach a genuine organization to obtain authentic Shaligrams which can give positive results.

(4) A Shaligram ill-got by fraud or by force will never bring luck. Worshipping an illicitly obtained Shaligram will be in vain.

Note : For Genuine & Authentic Salagramas and Shaligram Pendants, mail to / or call 098422-40274. Browse our detailed website for more information. 

Yantras – FAQs

Sacred Geometry Yantras FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Exclusive “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” Series :

Our Yantras FAQs are very detailed and comprehensive and should clarify all of your reasonable doubts. If you genuinely wish to buy our Yantras and still have a query that is not covered here, mail to

Q-1)  What is an Yantra ? What are Yantras ?

A : The word “Yantra” means an “instrument” or “machine” or “talisman” depending upon the context. An Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient hyper sigils laced with archetypal designs and numerical shapes. They are esoteric energy concept mapping machines. Most of the Yantras are conceived and conceptualised through revelation and clairvoyance by Higher Light Energy Beings.

Q-2)  How do Yantras work ?

A : Yantras have embedded energetic signatures within the complex display of visual patterns. Once these energetic signatures are cleansed, blessed, energised and programmed as to the purpose and as to the person to whom the benefits should accrue, the whole Yantra mechanism is empowered and activated. Upon activation, the Yantra goes “live” and stays “on-line”, until the positive intentions contained within the Yantra are manifested first energetically and then physically, so as to solve the purpose of the User. The nucleus and the core structure of the Yantra tune into specific, elevated energy beams and tap into specific energy resources of the Universe, to acheive the already pre-programmed goals/targets.

Q-3)  Are your Yantras religious ?

A : No. Our Yantras are not based on any religion and so completely non-religious. The name “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” represents a brand identity to distinguish it from other commonly available religious Yantras.

Q-4)  If your Yantras are not based on religion, then how are they Energized ?

A : Our Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras are sourced, copyrighted, energized (Energised, Empowered, Prana Prathishta) and programmed by Divine Light Beings (Devathas/Angels). Every single Yantra channeled by us are linked, empowered, tracked and fed through a Divine Light Energy Generator. Any attempts to copy or duplicate our Yantras through any means (like scan, xerox, print, engrave, emboss) will be futile – the unauthorised, unethical copies will never work.

Q-5)  I have heard only about Energized Yantras and Empowered Yantras but what is this Programming of Yantras ?

A : Every single energy remedy, including Yantras need to be not only Energized but also Programmed, in order to get it’s full benefits and for it to have a longer life. Yantras sold by others are at the best, only Energised (the process of empowering) and pre-programmed as to the Yantra’s Purpose. However, we also Program the Yantra – i.e., defining and linking the Yantra’s nucleus to the User (the person who is going to use it). This way, there will be no loss in Yantra’s energy and the whole of the Yantra’s energy is dedicated to the User, always.

To know more details about Energising and Programming and why every Energy Remedy needs to be Energised and Programmed, read Janarrdhana Guptha’s detailed Article by clicking here.

Q-6)  How long will your Yantras work ? What is the life span of your Yantras ?

A : Unlike most of the Yantras commonly available in the Net (which might have a life of 1 to 3 years), our “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” last a long time – tens of years. In fact there is no time limit set during the Programming process. However if an Yantra was Programmed for a specific accomplishment and has served its purpose, then it may withdraw its energy. Example the Yantra Y-60 – for Breaking a Curse and for Pithru Dosha Nivarthi.

Q-7)  What are the specialities of your “Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras” ?

A : All the Yantras in the “Sri Sudharsan Series” are not only Cleansed, Energised (Empowered) and Blessed, and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but also Programmed (using ancient and powerful Siddha Programming Techniques) to the User. The nature of the empowerment and programming makes the “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” multifolds more powerful and with an elongated life, when compared to the regular energised Yantras.

Normally, any Yantra, at the best, is energised (through Pranaprathishta, Yagya or Yajna or Homam and other Poojas) and pre-programmed for specific purpose(s). Our Yantras are very special : they are not only energised and pre-programmed for specific purpose(s), but also specially programmed to the name(s) of a specific individual or family, as the case may be. Dedicated Energy Correction Techniques are used for Programming these Special Yantras bringing added benefits :

(1) the power of the Yantra is magnified multifolds;

(2) the energy is fully focused and the purpose/problem is solved much faster;

(3) the life of the Yantra is much more elongated (than the normal energised Yantras) and

(4) there is absolutely no need (for the buyer/user) to do any regular worships or rituals – whether chanting of mantras or ritualistic milk baths or offerings like flowers, rice, sweets, etc., as it has already been programmed to maintain ideal energy levels;

(5) Also unlike most of the Prana Prathishta processes, where the Yantras umblical energy chord is cut-off (and it becomes an independant energy tool by itself, but has no back-up) after energising/empowering is over, our Yantras remain connected to the Divine Light Energy Generator and receive energy as and when required. This special process enables our Yantras to be more empowered and enjoy a much larger life span, thus benefiting the buyer/user, in a far better way.

Q-8)  I am not a Hindu – can I still use your Yantra ? Do I have to be a Hindu to use your Yantras ?

A : You can very much use our Yantras. In fact anyone, irrrespective of their religious belief or leaning, or even a non-believer of religions can still use our Yantras and derive full benefit from it. Even our Energising Methodology and the Energy Correction Techniques used for charging and empowering our Yantras are fully non-religious.

Q-9)  Do I have to worship your Yantra daily ?

A : Absolutely not needed. Our Yantras are not based on any religion and are totally non-religious. So no worship or any religious ritual is needed from you. Also, unlike other Yantras commonly available, our Yantras are not just Cleansed, Energised, Blessed and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but are also Exclusively Programmed to the User (YOU), so that the Energy of the Yantra always reaches you automatically.

Q-10)  But I was told by a learned Pandit that if I wish to keep a Yantra, I need to chant the related Sanskrit Mantra daily (and correctly) and offer flowers, sweet, etc. and worship it daily to maintain it’s divinity ?

A : The Pandit is right, but this is applicable to religious Yantras only. However, our “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” are completely non-religious and so there is no need to chant any Mantras or offer any worship. You get the positive results automatically.

Q-11)  I wish to buy your Yantra, but I neither have any knowledge nor the time for correct worship ?

A : Go ahead and buy our exclusive “Sri Sudharsan” Yantras. They are not based on any religion and completely non-religious. There is absolutely no necessity for any form of religious worship or ritual.

Q-12)  Will there be any negative side effects from your Yantras at any point of time, for any reason ? Like for example if I chant the Bija Mantra improperly or if I am not able to worship the Yantra for a few days, when I am away from home ?

A : There will never be any negative effects whatsoever from our Yantras for any reason, at any point of time, as they are effectively and protectively Programmed. As already said, our Yantras are totally non-religious – so there is no necessity for any form worship or any religious ritual.

Q-13)  Where do I place your Yantra – I do not have any separate pooja room ?

A : You can keep our “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” anywhere in your living space (except bathroom/toilet). You can hang it on a wall in your living room or keep it inside a cupboard (straight facing like a wall clock). Do not keep it in lying down position. As our Yantras are totally non-religious, it is not necessary that our Yantras should be kept along with other deity pictures or only in pooja room. However there is no harm in keeping our Yantras in the mandir of your home, as the Energy emanating from our Yantras is purely positive and spiritual.

Q-14)  If I am to place the Yantra in the open, say, in the living room, then what about during the menses time (menstruation periods of women) ?

A : As answered earlier, our Yantras are effectively Progammed and there is an exclusive programming module for isolating and shielding our Yantra from the negative energies emanating during the menses time, chronic sickness and even death (Theettu). In fact there is another exclusive programming module in every one of our Sri Sudharsan Yantras which performs intensive cleansing of such negative energies continuously 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) so that the User after visiting a sick person or after attending a funeral ritual or cremation rite is fully cleansed of all negative energy infections !

Q-15)  When do I place the Yantra – is there any auspicious date/day or time that I have to check for ?

A : As the Yantra has not just been Energised but also Programmed to you specifically, there is no need for any auspicious date or day or time to place your Yantra. Any day and any time will do.

Q-16)  Can I eat non-vegetarian food and smoke or drink inside my home, if I have your Yantra fixed in my home ?

A : Yes, you can. Our Yantras are completely non-religious and do not demand any extra cleanliness from the User and his/her family.

Q-17)  Do I have to believe in your Yantra, for it to work ?

A : No, you need not believe in your Sri Sudharsan Yantra, for it to work. As every one of the “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” is not only Energised but also Programmed to the User (to You, that is), it keeps working whether you believe in it or not. Which means the Energy from the Yantra keeps reaching you as and when you need it, even if you do not believe in it.

Q-18)  Do I have to believe in your Yantra, for getting results ?

A : No, it is not mandatory for you to believe in your Yantra (of Sri Sudharsan Yantras Series) to get results. The reason is simple : when you buy any of the “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” from us, the Yantra is not just Cleansed, Blessed, Energised and Pre-Programmed to the Purpose, but also Programmed to the User – this enables the Yantra to keep beaming the Energy to you (to your Chakras and Energy Bodies, actually) automatically, as and when needed. So you keep receiving the exclusive Energy beamed at you, even if you are a non-believer. Your Chakras (Energy Centers) and Energy Bodies keep receiving the beamed Energy, even if you do not believe in it. So the results do happen and will happen, in time.

However, here is the subtle difference : if you believe in the Yantra, your Chakras will receive the Energy more willingly, assimilate and digest the received Energy with a better speed and which will eventually bring in much faster and better results.

Q-19)  How long does it take to get positive results from your Yantras ?

A : The time frame for getting positive results from our “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” depends on several factors including the source, nature and magnitude of the Karmic Blocks, the Size and Power of the Yantra, etc. However, our feedbacks suggest that positive results start manifesting from anywhere between 48 days to 90 days, eventhough many customers have benefited even before 48 days also.

Q-20)  How many types of Yantras do you have ?

A : We have many types and varieties of Yantras in our range. The significance of all these Yantras vary – some are application-specific and some are context-specific; some are for individuals and some are for families. We even have the concept of a small Group of Yantras which work interactively and together to bring in still better and faster results. They are called as “Interactive Group Yantras”.

Q-21)  How do I know which Yantra will suit me ?

A : We have given the specific significance and context suitable for the application of every Yantra individually for you to understand clearly. However, feel free to mail us ( about your specific needs or personal problems, so that we can recommend you the most suitable Yantras for you.

Q-22)  Why are there so many Yantras ?

A : This is the Kali Yuga Time Period where one has to put in twice or even thrice the efforts just to achieve the basic tasks. Karmic blocks and man made obstacles are quite common and added to this are external influences like Evil Eye (Drishti, Malochchio, etc.), Black Magic (Voo Doo, Ilmu Sihir, etc.), Evil Entities, Demonic Creatures, etc. The Energy Equations of Kali Yuga are different from those of the other Yugas and there are many contexts and situations that need to be addressed specially and in a unique way. That is the reason why we have so many Yantras.

Q-23)  Can I use more than one Yantra in the same place ?

A : You can use any number of our Yantras at the same time and in the same place. There will never be any conflict of interest at any point of time. In fact we have a Special Series of Group Yantras where the individual Yantras interact with each other, to get the customer better and faster results.

Q-24)  I wish to buy the Fertility Yantra for my son and daughter-in-law who are living in USA. For reasons I do not wish to divulge, the Yantra cannot be fixed in their home in USA. Can I keep the Yantra in my home in India ? Will it be equally effective ?

A : The Energy Correction Techniques used for Energising and Programming our Yantras are very ancient and extraordinarily powerful. The Energy beamed from our Yantras will be highly person(s)-specific and will reach the person(s) automatically wherever they are on Earth, even if they are on the move. The Yantra will be equally effective from wherever it is placed. So the answer to both your questions is a clear “Yes”.

This rule is applicable for our entire range of Sri Sudharsan Yantras, except for the Yantra Y-19 (Yantra for Correction of Defects as per Indian Vedic Vaastu Shastra, Manaiyadi Shastra, Chinese Fengshui, Flying Stars Feng Shui, European Bau-Biologie (Building Biology) and Geopathic Stress Levels), which should definitely be kept in that property itself.

Q-25)  What are “Group Yantras” ?

A : A sophisticated extension of the most powerful “Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras” are the Interactive Group Yantras. For example, GY-01 : For Business Success, Growth & Factory Control gives the Partners/Directors of the Company total control over their business, money, products and the people involved. The Concept contains a Group of 5 Yantras – one in 18” x 18” and the other four in 9” x 9” sizes. Together, these Sacred Geometry Yantras give the following 11 different benefits to the User :

(1) For Business Success, Growth & Expansion; Prevention of Profit Erosion and Money Erosion; (2) For Successful Import & Export Business, Foreign Transactions, Establishing Overseas Branches; (3) For Successful Cash Counter Sales in Shops, eShops, iShops, Showrooms, Exhibitions; (4) For Customer Vasya : attracting more Clients; (5) For Financial Growth & Stability, Collection of Outstanding Money, Repayment of Debts/Loans; (6) For Productivity, Quality Control, Management; Employees’ Retention, Harmony & Loyalty – for Office, Shop, Showroom, Factory; (7) For Acquisition of New Assets : Vehicles, Land, Apartment, House & Protecting Existing Assets from Erosion; (8) For Business Protection from Robbery, Internal Thefts, Accidents for Office, Shop, Factory; (9) For Removal of Drishti (Evil Eye) : Negative Energy caused by others’ jealousy, frustration, etc.; (10) For Overcoming Blocks, Obstacles & Hurdles in Professional Life; (11) For Correction of Defects in Land & Building as per Indian Vedic Vaastu Shastra, Manaiyadi Shastra, Chinese Feng Shui, Oriental Flying Stars Fengshui, European Bau-Biologie (Building Biology), including Geopathic Stress Levels.

The most important aspect of these Interactive Group Yantras is that they are multifolds more powerful than the regular ones, because of their inherent interactiveness. Another speciality is that one set of Interactive Group Yantras will work for a Company (with many partners/directors) with more than one factory, branch office, subcontractor, commonly.

Group Yantras that are currently and readily available are : (1) GY-01 : For Business Success, Financial Growth & Factory (Production & Labour) Control; (2) GY-02 : For Family – General Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness; (3) GY-03 : For Destruction of Negative Energy like Drishti (Evil Eye), Black Magic, Evil Ghosts & Protection from Future Afflictions – for the whole Family; (4) GY-04 : For Career & Professional Success, Assets, Protection; (5) GY-05 : For successfully running an Institution (Hospital, School, College, etc.).

Q-26)  What are Crystal Yantras and how are the Crystal Yantras more powerful than your regular Yantras ?

A : The Crystal Yantras of the Sri Sudharsan Series are many folds more powerful and more result oriented than our regular Yantras because of the following reasons :

(1) the Crystal Yantras consist of certain extraordinarily powered Hyper Sigils that can convert complex conceptual energies into physical realities.

(2) the Energy Correction Programming Techniques imbibed in the Crystal Yantras are far more powerful ones (than in our regular Yantras).

(3) the Crystal Yantras contain Crystals mounted onto the Yantras (based on the customer’s date of birth and time of birth) and can channel more powerful Energy Beams, thereby bringing in better and faster results.

(4) the Colour of the Crystals, the Quantum of the Crystals and the placement of the Crystals (to be mounted on the Crystal Yantra) are carefully chosen based on the calculations of birth name, date of birth and time of birth of the customer – hence every Crystal Yantra is quite unique and more customer-specific.

As an additional Crystal Selection Process is involved, the Crystal Yantras will be despatched on the 4th day of receiving the payment and the input data. However, the Energising & Programming of the Crystal Yantra (from our Divine Light Energy Generator) will continue for 14 days (whether the Yantra is in transit or the customer’s place) and will automatically get activated on the 15th day.

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Do Goodluck Charms, Talismans, Amulets, Kavach, Yantras really work ?

Do Good Luck Symbols, Charms, Talismans, Amulets, Fengshui Cures, Yantras, Crystals, Medallions, Kavach & other Remedies really work ?

Every single Culture and Country of our Earth has spawned Good Luck Symbols, followed closely by Charms, Talismans, Amulets, Enhancers, Cures, Crystals, Gemstones, Sacred Geometry Yantras & all types of Remedies. Volumes have been written about them. But do they really work and yield results? If no, Why? And if Yes, How? Read on for some critical facts not revealed earlier.

Symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilisation, culture and religion that has evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in the way of our life itself. Symbols impact our subconscious mind and if their influences are strong enough, then they could stimulate confidence, effort and good outcomes. Whether we realize or not paintings, pictures, jewellery, statues, birds, animals and so forth have meanings and effect on us.

Mankind, after closely watching nature, events and environmental life over a period of centuries, has developed a vast and time tested database of Positive Symbols. When the geometric shape, size, meaning and their other nuances are properly understood and activated, it results in transmission/amplification of “energy” – the vital life force that governs everything in the Universe.

Some classical examples are Crystals, Pyramids, Vedic Yantras, Sacred Geometry Yantras, Maha Meru, Pancha Boodha Stupa, Vajra, Viswa Vajra, Rahu (Dorje Phurba), Fengshui Objects, et cetra.

Usage of positive symbols can alter energy flow and enhance the surrounding space. It is the easiest way to introduce positivism in our environment. They are normally categorised into 2 types : to remedy/cure a problem, to heal a situation; to act as a booster or enhancer to bring about harmony and prosperity. There are energy tools (like Crystals) that when placed (after processing), can dissolve negative energy and also stream out purpose-solving, high positive energy. These symbols, when processed and positioned correctly, will definitely yield results.

By creating an environment rich with positive symbolism that elicit positive thinking, focused minds, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity will result. We will then become aware of the life force in the environment in which the energy had been altered by us, thus enabling us to empower it. This powerful symbolism will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.

For example, a Black Tourmalene Crystal Pendant can balance the emotions and calm the mind; a pair of Pink Mandarin Ducks statuettes can bond a couple more strongly; a Viswa Vajra can protect one from negative entities; a Five Element Stupa can balance the five elements of nature and correct the vaastu/fengshui energy of land and building; a set of Sailing Ship Coins can instigate cash flow in Business; a Pyramid can accumulate Positive Energy; a Shri Yantra can remove financial blocks, a custom built Crystal Energy Field can bring in Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness, et cetra.

But how can merely the statue of a Phoenix bird bring motivation and new opportunities ?

The shape and design of the gadget determines the nature of the energy that the remedy can receive and transmit. (2) The raw material and size decide the storage capacity and life of the remedy, when energized. (3) Programming of the remedy defines the problem to be solved or the purpose to be realised and the Programming only fully dedicates the energy of the remedy to the purpose and binds it to the person.

It is thus important to realise that the remedy by itself is only the hardware part (like a computer). You have to supply the electricity (Energizing or Empowering or Energising or Prana Prathishta) to switch it on and keep it running. But ultimately you have to supply the proper software (Programming) to make it work. Appropriate placement then completes the circle.

There are some who would argue that the “shape” of the talisman or remedy itself does signify a specific energy and hence does not require any other processing. Sure it does : that’s why it has been selected as an energy tool. For example, the shape of a majestic Elephant does signify the energies related to strength, shrewdness and long memory – but that alone is not sufficient. The image or statue should definitely be energised in ways where it stores enough to last for a few years, not weeks. Then the stored energy should be programmed as to whom and for what purpose it should work. The programming also helps the remedy from being corrupted from the onslaught of negative energies that it surely has to face (on behalf of it’s owner), once activated. This way, if and when the vital positive energy of the remedy is critically overwhelmed by negativity at one stage, the remedy simply breaks and declares it’s inability to serve (it’s owner) further, rather than damage it’s owner.

Will a Laughing Buddha or a Crystal or a Yantra bought off the shelf give results ?

The simple answer is a firm “no”, if it has not been programmed and energised. Merely energising will not help. The energy needs to be stabilised, sealed and then directed through “specialised” programming.

In fact, the source of the energy remedies play an important role in determining the effectiveness. Many who buy the same Fengshui product from two different sources will find that one is working so well and the other may not. But they never bother to ask why that happens. The answer is subtle, the source determines the “root energy” stored in the products.

(1) It is a key element (the root energy) that the qualified expert (who is going the sell/channel the remedies) checks before selecting. Then the products are (2) cleansed (of negativities that arise during manufacturing/changing hands), (3) instilled with auspicious and positive energy and (4) kept in proper storage area that has a strong positive energy belt before being sold. Finally, when sold, (5) the expert programs the remedy to the purpose and the user and explains the (6) ideal placement of the energy tool in his/her place.

Then and only then will these remedial tools yield results.

In modern living, where the environment at macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered remedies can effectively bring in and retain Health, Wealth, Harmony and Happiness.

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House Energy Correction & Crystal Energy Fields – FAQs

House Energy Correction is the concept of controlling the 8 Directional Energies; 7 Chakras and 7 Energy Bodies of the People; Boosting and Balancing the 5 Elements of the Lands & Buildings. Simply stated, it is the Total Energy Rectification of Horoscopes of the Family Members and Business Partners; Vedic Vaastu, European Bau-Biologie (Building Biology), Chinese Feng Shui, Flying Stars Fengshui and Energy Correction for their Lands & Buildings.

Concept of “Personal Energy Correction” :

Human beings, like all objects, receive different levels of energies from the 8 different directions. When all the 8 directional energies are positive enough, they get positive results. When the energy levels dip below a limit, they suffer. For example, if a person receives high positive energy from his North, he will be financially well off. But if he also receives negative energy from his South East, he will never be able to enjoy it. The blue print of the energy levels of a person at his birth time is what you could call as his Birth Horoscope or Native Horoscope.

These 8 energy streams control the 7 Chakras and 7 Energy Bodies of the person, which in turn control every thing else in his/her life. The quality (positive or negative) of the energy and the quantum (percentage) of the energy that a person receives is his Karma. The concept of correcting the 8 Directional Energies and tuning the 7 Chakras & Energy Bodies of a person so that he stays within a 100% positive energy belt all his life-time is called “Personal Energy Correction”.

Energy Beams from the 8 Directions :

Energy (or Prana or Chi or Qi or Ki) is pure and on it’s own, is always balanced positive. It is the basic power brick on which the Cosmos is built upon. However, depending upon the Karma of the Person, Land and Building, it/he receives energy either as positive or negative. Then the percentage of the positive or negative energy that it/he receives culminates in positive or negative events of it’s/his life. Unlike Land and Building, the Person moves. Where the Person moves, his Karma follows. So do the Energy Beams that he receives from the 8 Directions. It does not matter what direction he is moving or facing, it does not matter whether he is in India or America, he keeps receiving the same Energy Beams with the same Quality (Positive or Negative) and Quantity (Percentage), until the change is destined or brought about.

Can Horoscope & Karma be rectified ? :

Yes. All the Planetary Energies are received by a person through the 8 Directional Energies only. By filtering or/and transforming them, one can pacify the planets, remove the effects of problems like female curses, planetary doshas, pithru doshas, etc. In other words, one can rectify the Birth Horoscope itself. In fact, there are more sophisticated processes with which Karma Correction itself can be done. This process minimises the bad karma to such an extent that one simply doesn’t feel it’s impact at all. For more information about Karma, read the article Four Types of Karma (click here).

Concept of “House Energy Correction” :

The concept of House Energy Correction involves a two fold process. In the first fold, Personal Energy Correction (including Horoscope Rectification) for all the residing family members is done. In the second fold, the Five Elements of the Land and the House are fully balanced. In other words, the Karma of the Lands, Home and the People living there are integrated, cleansed, balanced and fine tuned. That is the most elemental explanation of the concept of House Energy Correction, eventhough it is far beyond that.

The Five Elements of Nature :

The controlling Five Elements of Nature are also known as the Pancha Pranas or the Pancha Bhoodhas : Earth (Bhoomi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Metal, Vaayu), and Ether (Wood, Sky, Spirit, Space, Aakash).

Life of Energy Correction :

If the process of Energy Correction is performed systematically and with the guidance of Higher Energy Beings, then once corrected, the energies stay corrected. Especially if Crystals are used as the Energy Tools. Unlike any other remedies, Crystals last for hundreds of years. Plus if the Crystal Programming Techniques that are used are the extremely powerful, time-tested and bestowed by the Ancient Ones or the Sacred Siddhas, then the results will be stupendus – the positive effects will atleast last for 3 generations. The Energy Corrections done through custom built Crystal Energy Fields (CEF) are the best.

About Crystals :

Of all the remedies the mankind had been using since the dawn of civilisation, Crystals have given the best possible results. Because they are concieved, grown and gifted by Mother Earth herself. And Mother always knows best – she knows what exactly we need. Crystals are of a wide range, numerous in their varieties, limitless in their applications and have extraordinary powers, and when properly programmed and networked, they are willing workers. Crystals are forever.

About Crystal Energy Fields (CEFs) :

Crystal Energy Fields are created by numerous Crystals arranged in a special formation, after being programmed and energised for executing specific tasks for specified people. The quality, colour, nature and shape of the Crystals needed for House Energy Correction depends on the Karma of the Family. Some of the crystal energy shapes that are used for Energy Correction are Maha Meru Chakra, Stupa, Vajra, Viswa Vajra, Rahu or Vajra Phurba, etc. Some exclusive crystal shapes like Maha Meru with Viswa Vajra, Ashta Vajra Stupa and Ashta Vajra Maha Sakthi Crystal Chakra are also used, in special and higher end CEFs.

There are many models of CEFs. Some are very sophisticated and more powerful than others. Some are for specific tasks like bringing about an ideal marriage, cementing together an estranged couple, concieving a good child, correcting a mentally retarded child, solving psychic problems, breaking black magic or driving away a parasite soul or creature. Some CEFs are dedicated for Business Energy Correction. There are certain CEF models for only handling factory related problems like production bottlenecks, labour management, rejection ratios, legal entanglements, etc.

Exclusive CEFs are there for broadcasting numeric vibrations of a personal name or business name (or even for the whole family or business partners) to the whole Universe. These CEFs transmit 24/7 (24 hours a day, seven days a week, all through the year), to achieve and retain results. In which case, there is no need to change the signature; no need to keep rewriting the tuned name daily and repeatedly; in fact, there is no need even to announce the spelling change or the name change. Read more about this in this article here.

There are 4 high end CEF Series called Crystal Karma Gate, Crystal Karma Galaxy, Universal Crystal Galaxy (Rainbow Series), Angels’ Crystal Gate. There are many special features in these models, eventhough one aspect really stands out. It is that they have a built-in Energy Ball Generator : all of the customer’s morally and ethically correct positive thoughts, wishes and tasks – whether personal or professional – are assigned to individually created (invisible) Energy Balls. The Energy Balls are programmed and energised accordingly and automatically, so that they maintain the right level of energy push and energy pressure until the event happens or the wish realises, fully. In fact, the CEF called Crystal Karma Gate 24 performs Soul Energy Correction itself – it nullifies the whole of the Sanchita Karma of a Soul, so that there are no more rebirths for the Soul.

There are certain advanced Crystal Yantras like Sri Maha Subiksha Crystal Yantras (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 & Level 4) which are extraordinarily powerful and Sri Kamadhenu Crystal Yantras (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8) which are quite close to the much desired concept of Karma Energy Correction.

The Energy Consultant, who builds the CEF, is necessarily a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudiant, apart from other qualifications. With Clairvoyance or Sookshma Drishti, the CEF Consultant scans the Energy Levels of the People, Lands & the Buildings. Without Clairvoyance, one cannot practice Energy Correction. Sometimes, Divining Tools like Tarot Decks, Runes & I-Ching Coins also are used. This Energy Reading Consultancy process is also called as an Energy Audit (Karma Reading). Read more about Energy Audit here.

What does an Energy Consultancy or Energy Audit reveal :

Energy Consultancy or Energy Audit helps one to better understand his/her energy levels which actually influence everything in his/her life. The LifeForce Energy Assessment Report will briefly furnish the following details :

(1) the Energy Beams that a person (or his/her family or his/her house or office) receives from all the 8 Directions (including planetary energy streams) – whether they are positive or negative and in what percentage and what their impacts are;

(2) the personal energy levels of the person : energy conditions of the Energy Centers or Chakras and the Energy Bodies;

(3) the balance or the imbalance of the Five Elements of the person’s land and building;

(4) identifying root causes of problems, Karmic baggage, if any, etc.;

(5) Recommending the ideal CEF (Crystal Energy Field) for the person (or family or business), not just to solve the current problems but to correct the Karma itself.

CEFs are unlike Reiki Crystal Grids :

The CEFs are custom built from the scratch. They are not to be compared with market-ready Reiki Crystal Grids, Crystal Mandalas and the like. Depending upon the model, anywhere between 2 to 12 weeks will be needed for Energising & Programming such CEFs. The results start coming after the first 3 months of installation of the Crystal Energy Fields.

Importance of “custom-built” Crystal Energy Fields :

Crystal Grids or Crystal Energy Fields sold in the market are based on some regular designs, say, for healing or health. Here the crystals are simply assembled, mounted, (some are even) energised and sold off to the customer. There is either no programming at all or very rudimentary programming. The crystals are not selected exclusively for the customer or for his specific problems. A classical example would be what is popularly called as a Reiki Crystal Grid.

In the case of “custom-built” CEFs, the Crystal Shape, Crystal Colour, Crystal Power and the Quantity of the Crystals are individually selected based on the Karma of the customer’s family, business, lands, buildings and the problems he is facing as well as those he would likely face, in the future. Then the Crystals are Programmed and Energised. Such a Crystal Energy Field is near-permanent. It will work only for the programmed tasks, for the programmed people only. There is no energy loss involved, anywhere, anytime.

Meaning and importance of “Programming” and “Energizing” :

“Energizing” (Energising, Empowering, Prana Prathishta) is the process of filling the remedy (whether it is Crystal or Feng Shui Cure or Pyramid or Sacred Geometry Yantra) with auspicious and positive energy, to last for a long, long time. “Programming” is the process of empowering the energy itself. In other words, “Programming” means defining and dedicating the positive energy to execute and complete specific tasks for specific people. Mere energising is not enough. Programming of remedies is a must.

A classical example will be the Computer. Like Computer, any good remedy is a powerful hardware. But you need to connect and switch on the Computer to a Power Source to make it active and stay alive – which is “energizing”. For the Computer to operate meaningfully, you need a proper software. That is the “programming” part.

Horoscope Defects; Feng Shui, Flying Stars, Bau-Biologie & Vaastu Rectifications :

Any negative energy arising out of defects in Vaastu (Indian Vedic Vastu Vaastu Vasthu Vaasthu Shastra) or Fengshui (Chinese Feng Shui) or Flying Stars Fengshui are fully nullified by the CEF. There is absolutely no need for any alteration or demolition. Similarly the Geopathic Stress Levels as per the European Bau Biologie (Building Biology) are also totally corrected.

Put very simplistically, House Energy Correction takes into account the Horoscopes of the Family as well as the Vaastu/ Feng Shui/Bau Biologie of their property. In fact, it is more and beyond that. It envelopes not only Birth Horoscopes but also Progressive and Gochara Horoscopes. It not only takes care of Vedic Vaastu Shastra, Oriental Feng Shui & European Bau-Biologie, but also the concepts of Gochara Vaastu and the Chinese Flying Stars Fengshui too.

Shifting a home or office after Energy Correction :

Unlike other remedies which are place-oriented, the CEFs are customer-oriented. The CEFs are programmed to re-tune themselves to any new house or office, automatically. Which means when a client shifts to a new building, his CEF auto-tunes itself for this new place. It cleanses, boosts and balances the 5 Elements of the new land and building and integrates it to the client’s family karma. In fact, the CEF is safely installed inside a box that is easily and comfortably portable.

Rented houses, shared apartments, seperated families :

It does not make any difference whether the person or family is living in own house or rented house or is sharing a flat with several other occupants. The House Energy Correction is done for a particular family or individual in the specific context of their currently residing living space. When the native shifts to another rented or own building, the CEF automatically does House Energy Correction for this new living space. All other occupants continue to exist as per their Karma. There is no clash of interests here.

Even if different members of the same family live in different homes or even in different countries, still the CEF will reach out to them with ease and give them the same ideal results. Only thing is that the CEF used for House Energy Correction will be of a different category with some high end Crystal Programming.

Diagnosis & an Energy Correction Case Study :

This is about a client running a garment factory with successful exports to Europe. For 8 years the business flourished and he expanded. Suddenly everything changed. Some of his orders got cancelled and many of his exported consignments got rejected. He started facing some serious labour problems, his financial troubles grew and he faced a couple of litigations too. All this within a single year.

He was depressed and in high stress. When checked, he was attracting a negative energy beam from his North and his Mooladhara Energy Center (Basic Chakra) had atleast 3 cracks in it. His other lower Chakras/Energy Centers were unbalanced. All his upper Chakras, especially his Ajna & Sahasrara were solidly clouded. His South West was opening up and his North East was closing down. So were his lands and buildings too. During the subsequent Energy Audit, it was revealed to the Clairvoyant Energy Reader/Consultant that the client had been a victim of Black Magic through 3 objects placed in his factory and home. The client agreed and said that he had been told the same through “Prashannam” (a Clairvoyant Casting Method with Vedic Astrology approach) and “Arul Vakku” (a Clairvoyant Oracle under Divine Trance). A Tantric had also removed the objects and performed some poojas, about 6 months ago. But he was still sinking. The Energy Consultant checked up and found that the objects had indeed been removed, though the negative energy formation still remained in it’s place and was quite strong, as in most of such cases (the normal tantric practice of removing only the Black Magic objects, leaving behind the already formed negative energy invariably results in the continuation of the problems). This was the root cause of all his problems and the source had already contaminated his body and had started corrupting his mind.

After the diagnosis, it was revealed to the Clairvoyant Karma Reader that energy flow had to be corrected for 6 of his 8 directions, apart from extensive Chakra Processing. The full solution was to create an 8 armed Crystal Energy Field with the Crystal shapes of Rahu or Vajra Phurba, Maha Meru & a Shri Yantra. The combined Crystal Energy of Snow Quartz, Lapis Lazouli, Red Jasper, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Orange Cornelian and Smokey Quartz with other invisible Sookshma Sakthis were needed. It would take a qualified Light Energy Worker and an attuned Crystal Master a minimum of 4 weeks to build, program and energise the CEF, exclusively for the client, with some special high-end programming for the South West and North East. This particular concept is called Mayan Coloured Rahu Crystal Flame.

Now, after 8 months of the installation of CEF, the client’s problems are fully solved and the effects of black magic totally destroyed. He is now in an aggressive business mode and his growth line is climbing real fast. His problems are now solved, forever.

About Karma Energy Correction Techniques :

The Energy Correction Techniques are time-tested, ancient Siddha Programming Techniques, in existance for thousands of years. These techniques alongwith the contextual Clairvoyance, Crystal Programming, etc. can only be done under the complete guidance and protection of Higher Energy Beings or Cosmic Light Beings whom some would also call as Devathas or Angels. Protection to the Crystal Master (and his family) who undertakes the Energy Correction (for his client) is of paramount importance as Karmic Correction involves dangers beyond normal comprehension.

For more details or clarifications, mail to or call +91 98422-40274.

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